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How to Develop a ministry...CD Teaching Series


"It is God's will that every church have an effective ministry to those in the Second Half of Life!"
With these opening words John Heide tells how every church can start or develop a dynamic ministry to adults in their church and community.

This 3 CD teaching series will give you the informaiton you need.
Topics include:

Start a new adult program and get everyone in your church involved!
Select the best leaders for your group!
FIND and WIN senior adults in your community to the Lord!
Develop programs to attract second halfers to your church and keep them coming back!
Network second halfers with other ministries in the church!
Tap into the Time, Talents, and Treasures of second halfers!
Find out what's working for other adult programs around the country!

Series cost: $20.00 which includes handling and shipping costs.

Contact us for your copy today!

You can download a copy for immediate use NOW and save money! Buy Now only $15.

Help train your present and future leaders to make a difference in their world!


To listen to a short selection of the CD series please go to: www.somoag.org and go to the 50 Plus link. On the home page there is a blue bar that you can click and hear a 3 minute opening plus listen to Hilton Griswold former pianist with the Blackwood Brothers and 90+ years old singing!