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Grandparents Day


Grandparents' Day

Grandparents' Day is the first Sunday after Labor day. This is the day to celebrate the lives and faith of the generation that continues to lead the church and our country. Many of our churches are discovering this day to be a great outreach day to the families of their church and communities.

Grandparents' Day involves all age groups within your church.

Your church can provide invitations for children, teens and adults to send to Grandparents and invitations for Grandparents to send to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. These invitations will announce the special events surrounding this wonderful day.

Music, drama and other presentations involve all age groups and create many precious "Kodak Moments." Hand-made posters, and greeting signs can adorn the walls, with floating balloons, Christmas lights and streamers highlighting the festivities.
Displays of all kinds draw attention to times past and present, giving a visual reminder that yesterdays and today are the foundations upon which our tomorrows are built. Many are discovering that Grandparents' Day is an incredible day for the entire family. It's a day when three, four and even five generations sit together as they worship our Heavenly Father.

Seniors can sing or play special songs. Testimonies of those who have been in the church for years or recently saved can be a highlight! Seniors can act as ushers/greeters! The youth could serve a meal to the seniors. The possibilites are limitless!

Take advantage of this day and prepare to celebrate the generation whose faith made it possible for you to know Jesus!

Grandparents' Love;
Grandparents' Faith;
The Multi-Generational Family